NanoKey, designed for the staff working outside the office, registers in its internal memory a full timetable of "stampings” through the contact with a "button” located near the external users.  

A button is equipped with a unique code assigned to the user of the Data Collector.


An accurate registering of the incoming signal is indicated by the ignition of the LED of highest brightness.


The files with the registered data are downloaded and transferred to the Personal Computer using a special „inkstand".


The software being used allows to carry out the following functions:

- exporting the registered data to the applications

- monitoring and assessing the expenses

- obtaining a detailed report and statistics about the amount and quality of the provided services

- with highest precision calculating and evaluating the services provided for one client, etc.


NanoKey is provided with the following advantages which guarantee the return of your investments:

- 3 years of warranty from purchasing

- simplicity of use

- the buttons, produced by Maxim company, are distributed and easily found all over the world

- possibility to synchronize (appropriate buttons allow to update an internal clock of the NanoKey and to modify the identification of the operator) and to update the operating program (using a special button it is possible to update the firmware).