Technical Characteristics



Dimensions: cylinder diameter - 24 mm, height - 23 mm

Weight: 20 grams

Material: brass processed with plating or metal coating

Memory: approx. 4,000 stampings

Signal reading: three-coloured LED of highest brightness

Battery duration: approx. 300.000 stampings

Warranty: 3 years ex-works (EXW).


Advantages comparing with other systems for collecting data:


Nanokey Data Collector:
- Extremely compact dimensions

- Waterproof and acid resistant

- No buttons to press

- No radio-frequency emissions

- Low power consumption


The buttons of Nanokey Data Collector:

- Produced by the company "Maxim - Dallas Semiconductor", a worldwide leader for producing electrical components

- Easily found all over the world

- Reasonable price per one or some units

- Unique identification code

- Steel construction shall not be covered under warranty in case of violation and improper use


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